Why innovation in hotel services is important

Hoteliers – like with any other industry – can’t afford to stand still when it comes to the services they offer.


Innovation is key if you want to continue to offer an attractive proposition to prospective guests.

Competition – while you might be content to amble along, confident that guests will still want to stay at your hotel while offering tried and tested services, your competitors won’t be.


Services that were original or cutting edge 20 years ago certainly won’t be now. Ten or even five years ago can be regarded as old hat. The world at large is changing inexorably and hoteliers can’t afford to stay in the hospitality bubble, continuing to provide standard fare – namely a bed, breakfast and possibly dinner.


Improving on your offering goes beyond that of a simple refurbishment (although the aesthetics of a hotel are still hugely important). You need to update all aspects – be that the booking process, the amenities on offer, concierge services, in-room entertainment and more.


Guest expectations – It’s not just competitors you have to be wary of. Guests themselves are expecting more. With rival hotels offering new and innovative services, what was once novel becomes the norm as society continues to shift. At RoomNetTV we help to facilitate a home-away-from-home experience for guests. This is because guests, when at home, will have invested in new technology that makes their lives and leisure easier and better suited to their individual preferences.


Guest experience – online review sites are both a blessing and a curse for the hospitality industry. When you do something well, it’s evident for all to see. When you do something badly, it’s evident for all to see. Through innovation, you’re able to present a better experience for those staying with you – something they’ll be inclined to shout about via platforms such as TripAdvisor or Facebook. Facilitating a personalised experience for guests helps to make your hotel more appealing – making a leisurely break more attractive, while also improving the downtime of those staying at your hotel through work.


There are so many ways in which hotels are evolving all the time, that the importance of embracing innovation really can’t be understated. It’s all very well being a traditionalist, but that will soon see you being left behind in an increasingly competitive market.


And if you’re wondering where to start your innovation process? Well, why not get in touch with us and we’ll guide you through the benefits of our in-room entertainment solutions and how they can make the difference.