The importance of security with in-room entertainment

Standard in-room televisions don’t offer much by way of security concerns, when it comes to guests’ personal data. But then again, they don’t offer much by way of entertainment either.


Many of us simply leave the television switched off when we arrive at a hotel, with little to no interest in the limited selection of channels available. That’s not because we don’t necessarily want to watch it (relaxing on the bed, while watching television can be a blessed relief after a busy day of sightseeing/business meetings), it’s just the options available are usually very limited.


Through RoomNetTV’s in-room solutions though, entertainment is brought back to the fore, with guests able to watch and engage with content that they’re actually interested in. Much of this can now be personalised, with guests able to use their own, individual logins to access services that they’re subscribed to at home – helping to foster that home-away-from-home experience.


But while this is great for the guest on the entertainment front…what about security? After all, you’re logging into a system that’s built into the room. Can subsequent guests access your channel preferences? Is there a risk that, having stayed logged in, they can get hold of your personal details and access your personal accounts?


While fears around this are understandable, the short answer is no.


At least, not with RoomNet TV’s in-room solutions anyway. Every guestroom set up is wiped clean upon checkout. This is an automated system – there’s no need to rely on hotel staff to remember to do it, so no room for human error. As soon as the room is checked out in the hotel property management system, the login details are immediately cleared and your app downloads removed, meaning there’s no chance that somebody can walk in and simply start watching movies on your Netflix account – or perhaps undertake something more sinister.


Security is an integral part of our offering. We also create a Personal Area Network (PAN) for each guest room, which isolates the streaming device, preventing other guests in the hotel from accessing personal content during a stay, while checkout clearance ensures they can’t do it afterwards.


With 24/7/365 monitoring from our help desk in Colorado, we’re keeping a constant eye on our systems around the world, providing an additional layer of security on top of our automated processes.


Security in in-room entertainment is hugely important and it’s something that we take very seriously. Our service is geared towards providing peace of mind as well as personalised entertainment, leaving guests to relax and enjoy their hotel stay, safe in the knowledge that any personal information utilised by their in-room entertainment system is secure.