As a leading provider of hotel entertainment and WiFi solutions, we recognize the ever-increasing demand for innovative in-room services. We specialise in Apple TV 4K and Apple TV (4th generation), Mac-based IPTV, iMac Business Centre Kiosks and Ruckus WiFi infrastructure.

Apple TV 4K and Apple TV (4th generation) – The ultimate ‘home from home’ guest entertainment solution

With the growing number of hotels wanting to offer guests central authentication to their WiFi networks or remove cumbersome portal pages, RoomNetTV brings you Pair & Play.


Purveyors of Personal Area Networks (PAN) for hotels, RoomNetTV already provides seamless connectivity for guests wanting to stream their content or mirror their device to the hotel TV, using Apple TV 4K and Apple TV (4th generation). This has historically been managed through these captive portal pages, in order to authenticate guests to their private room network.


Pair & Play by RoomNetTV allows guests connect to their PAN simply using the Pair & Play application on the Apple TV 4K and Apple TV (4th generation). The application will connect to virtually any hotel HSIA network.


Apple TV 4K and Apple TV (4th generation) provides a unique ‘App driven’ interface that features traditional live TV plus personalized on-demand content and a seamless guest journey.


  • Access to services familiar to the guest, such as Netflix, iTunes, Amazon,
  • HBO and preferred content providers plus the entire TVOS App Store!
  • Bespoke hospitality App’s specially developed for Apple TV use, displaying the hotel features, destination specific content and allowing the hotel to display and upsell its services.
  • Remote management of each Apple TV – Push changes to App’s, configurations and remove guest login credentials on check-out.
  • Customizable screen savers, backgrounds and hotel specific content
  • Works with any TV with an HDMI port
  • Access live TV† channels over the internet or via IPTV Streamers


† Certain territories only

RoomNetTV CloudTV

RoomNet Cloud TV is an affordable, intuitive and easy-to-install new in-room guest entertainment solution from RoomNetTV.


RoomNet Cloud TV a cloud-based in-room guest TV system that works with a hotel’s existing internet connection and LG or Samsung Smart TV’s. As a cloud-hosted solution, no onsite hardware or expensive servers are needed and hotels can centrally manage the entire system from RoomNetTV’s CMS.


Aside from the easy installation, the benefits for hotels are numerous. The RoomNetTV cloud-based CMS gives hoteliers a single dashboard view of the system, enabling technical staff to oversee and support the TVs, while the marketing and branding team can quickly update assets or add promotional marketing messages, enabling the TV to be used as discrete and fully distributed digital signage.


The user interface offers chains of hotels the option to make changes remotely that can be applied to all properties within the portfolio, or to create a bespoke user experience per hotel.


The CMS can be integrated with the hotel’s PMS to offer welcome greetings, language preferences and guest messages to be used to create a personalised experience. Custom content can be set up and assigned to groups for conferences, so that each delegate gets branded content relevant to the event they are attending. This includes corporate branding, event schedules or presentations associated with the event.


Guests have access to Movies on Demand and Smart TV apps, all managed by a simple, modern and intuitive user experience.


Most importantly, guests can share their own content to the big screen, thanks to built-in Miracast support for Android streaming and an optional Apple TV 4K and Apple TV (4th generation) add-on for Apple users.


RoomNet Cloud TV has been conceived to perfectly complement the RoomNetTV Apple TV offering and offer hotel guests a truly home away from home experience.



RNTV HSIA Management Solution

Traditional Hotel Internet gateway’s are slow, under licensed and under powered. The drive to keep costs low has severely compromised the guest internet experience. Our gateway revolutionises traditional hotel internet on-boarding gateway’s with a much richer, guest focussed experience delivered by a high specification server designed to offer Private Area Networks for guest rooms.


Your guests bring their own content with them on their laptops, tablets and smartphones. So, why not let them share this content with their in-room TV, for a richer and more enjoyable experience. Our solution creates a Personal Area Network (PAN) for each guest room, so that the Apple TV or other streaming device is isolated within the guest room PAN, providing a private, safe and simple TV sharing experience for your guests.

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Next Gen Wireless

It’s been said that “Logic will get you from A to B, but imagination will take you everywhere”.


It is within that principle that RoomNetTV combines technology, design and the art of integration to deliver a next-generation access solution that goes well beyond traditional Internet access. Our RNTV-Cloud platform now dynamically onboards your guest to a private network environment for device streaming to the TV, secure access to in-room connected technology, and of course… lightning fast internet access services.


  • Gateway Authentication and Captive Portal Services
  • Fully responsive gateway with legacy support for older OS platforms too
  • Captivating and creative portal designs
  • WiFi and Converged Network Design
  • 24/7 Guest Support and Monitoring
  • Tier 3 Engineering Support
  • RNTV Cloud Hosted Service
Mac Kiosk

Designed as the ultimate computing tool, Macs can be used for both business and pleasure and your guests will have the complete range of functionality offered by Apple at their fingertips.


Create a business center that will portray your establishment as embodying the best in modern technology. The latest Apple Mac computers and software will have the ultimate appeal to your guests whether they want to create, save, print and send documents, use the Internet, webmail, Skype colleagues and family or simply upload photographs from their travels.


The Business Center Kiosk software is installed on the Mac alongside the Mac OS X operating system. Enabling each guest to be greeted with a fully-branded login screen with a simple user-focused design.


From here, the user can choose to:


  • Access the Internet (you could specify web bookmarks for local attractions, flight departures, local restaurants)
  • Use Microsoft Office
  • Run Mac OS X or Windows through virtualisation
  • Play with the iLife suite of applications (iTunes, iPhoto for photo editing, iMovie for video editing, GarageBand, iWeb all come included on any new Mac)
  • Print
  • Play games
  • Charge their iPhone / iPod through one of the USB ports


Best of all, every user can live safe in the knowledge that all their data is safe as each time they log out, all of their data is erased from the hard disk. That includes all files, web cookies, passwords and internet browser history.


This means every new user is greeted with the same Mac – clean of other’s data, safe and ready for them to use.

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