RoomNetTV opens Dubai office

RoomNetTV, the Apple expert in hospitality, is a leading provider of hotel entertainment and WiFi solutions – created by combining Apple TV infrastructure with RoomNetTV’s own advanced technology solutions.


Recognising the ever-increasing demand for innovative in-room services, RoomNetTV provides a wireless and private environment for hotel guests to easily stream personal content to the guestroom TV in HD quality.


Through RoomNetTV, guests can access their Apple DRM protected content, mirror their gaming apps, surf the internet, and more – directly to their guestroom TV, without the concern of content being available to other hotel guests. By using the ‘two touch’ Airplay functionality on iPhone, iPad and Android devices, guests can connect their own content and conveniently view it via the in-room TV, just as they would at home.


RoomNetTV’s Mac Mini IPTV solution allows further customisation and provides guests with premium technology and access to a host of additional software and services. This is a complete solution that not only enables internet surfing and on-demand content viewing, but also allows guest access to hotel services such as housekeeping, room service and billing.


RoomNetTV’s tailored Business Centre Kiosk software, installed on iMacs, enables each guest to be greeted with hotel branded login screens and a user-focused design that keeps personal data safe and secure. It’s the perfect solution for conference delegates looking to satisfy their business and leisure needs, or guests wanting to surf the internet, check their Facebook account or print their boarding cards.


Working collaboratively with hotel operators, RoomNetTV is able to design, implement and support the introduction of innovative network infrastructure, WiFi and Apple TV technology – ensuring a state-of-the-art RoomNetTV solution fully integrates with existing hotel systems.