Why innovation in hotel services is important

Hoteliers – like with any other industry – can’t afford to stand still when it comes to the services they offer.


Innovation is key if you want to continue to offer an attractive proposition to prospective guests.

Improving the guest experience in your hotel

We’ve stated before – and make no apologies for doing so again – that our main offering as a business centres on improving the guest experience. And why is that? Well, the guest experience is at the heart of any hotel’s offering.

The modern hotel room

At RoomNetTV our focus is on in-room guest entertainment. We aim to introduce a home-away-from-home experience, with guests able to access personal content, enjoying all their usual TV shows and favourite movies.


The pace of technological change at the entertainment level is ferocious. We’re constantly innovating our offering to provide cutting edge solutions. Yet it’s not just the entertainment side of things; the hotel room in general is evolving apace.

RoomNetTV introduces Free To Guest global content

Following the recent launch of our industry first Hotel IPTV Media player for Apple TV, we’ve introduced new capabilities that provide hotel guests with free to use global video content – allowing international travellers to enjoy a range of curated content covering entertainment, music, sport, business and more.

How the latest technology can help your hotel


Technology is progressing inexorably across every aspect of our lives – and the hotel world is no different.


But while many hotels are happy to be swept up in the tide of technological advances washing over society, there are still plenty out there that are reluctant to embrace its potential.

RoomNetTV introduces the definitive Apple IPTV solution for hotels

Hotel guests can now watch live IPTV services using a hotel’s existing infrastructure directly onto AppleTV 4 and Apple TV 4k, thanks to the latest development of our Apple TV platform. Furthermore, this solution introduces the first 4K capable guest room entertainment solution for the hotel industry.