How voice recognition is revolutionising the customer experience

Voice recognition is becoming an ever more prominent aspect of daily life. Alexa and Siri are now household names, recognised the world over for the service they provide.


At first voice recognition may have seemed like a passing fad (much like Google Glass you could say) but the technology is becoming ever more embedded within the public’s psyche. More and more of us are using it in the home as a handy shortcut to make day-to-day tasks and leisure activities easier.


And while there’s still some way to go until it gets universal acceptance, it’s creeping further and further into everyday life. With that in mind, businesses can’t afford to ignore the way the wind is blowing when it comes to customer expectations. Hoteliers are no different in that regard. They need to ensure they keep up with what a hotel guest is expecting from a hotel stay if they truly want to offer a home-away-from-home experience.


We’re not saying that, as a society, we’re anywhere close to every hotel guest expecting to be able to access hotel services via a voice recognition system, but it’s more than fair to say that situation is feasibly on the not too distant horizon.


Ever more options are becoming available via voice recognition with some hotels already allowing guests to turn lights on and off, adjust room temperature, open and close blinds, play music and more, while accessing hotel concierge services is the next step.


A key factor in voice recognition’s favour is that using our voice (for the majority of us) is easy. It’s not like learning how to use new technology with a complicated interface. You merely have to talk to access its potential – something the vast bulk of us are capable of, without the need for added instruction.


Given the breadth of the human vocal range, the opportunities afforded by it are practically endless – something which hoteliers can play into to offer a wide range of in-room services and capabilities. Voice recognition allows for greater opportunity for hoteliers to engage with their guests, helping to provide additional opportunities to deliver an exemplary customer experience.


The fact that we use Apple TV for our in-room entertainment solutions, and that Siri is an inbuilt part of its offering, means we’re well positioned to take advantage of the benefits afforded by voice recognition as this technology evolves. For hoteliers that have our solutions incorporated within their rooms, it means they too can expand their range of in-room services in line with this evolution, enabling them to perfect the customer (guest) experience as they do so.