How technology can improve efficiency

When we think of technology, we often tend to think of efficiency.


The bulk of it is designed to make our lives easier, with each evolution – theoretically – a step further along the road to an easier life.


If we take a very basic analogy: humans used to walk everywhere; then we domesticated horses; then we took to the water via boats; then we developed the car, before developing aeroplanes and even space travel. All of these developments were created with the idea of getting from A to B quicker, easier and more efficiently.


Of course, each step of that progression has involved improvement and refinement at each stage. The cars of today are worlds apart from the cars of the early 20th Century, and the same can be said of aeroplanes and everything else. Even horses were specifically bred to evolve to suit our needs.


Humans have an inherent and relentless drive to improve and develop their circumstances to make life more efficient and – ultimately – easier.


But where are we going with this? Well, to steer things back to hotels, this is something hoteliers should be doing for their guests and, indeed, their staff. If human nature is to look for evolution, then surely hoteliers should be looking for the same thing?


Technology in hotels can make things so much easier for both guests and staff.


Electronic check-in kiosks, for example, can speed up the process, freeing up staff for other activities while allowing guests to access their room quicker and saving the need to wait for a staff member to attend to them during busy periods.


At a basic level, things such as digital work management systems can make the process of cleaning the room easier, breaking it down into a step by step guide that cleaners can follow to ensure that every point is ticked off, and every potential issue is covered. This helps the cleaner and the hotelier, helping to perfect an overarching standard of service.


It’s this approach that we’ve had in mind when we’ve been developing our in-room entertainment solutions. We want to make entertainment easier to access – for hotels and for those staying in them.


By creating an easily accessible interface that integrates hotel specifics as well as enabling access to wider services, we’re making things easier and more efficient for everyone involved.


Guests can access elements like room service through our in-room solutions – allowing for a more efficient service on multiple levels, and not just entertainment.


We’ve banged the drum for evolution in previous blogs, but it’s a simple fact of life. And hoteliers need to acknowledge the need to evolve, a process which will benefit them exponentially in the long term as efficiency improves and the standard of service improves with it.