Creating a ‘home away from home’ entertainment experience


Over the years, advances in technology and busier everyday lives have meant that the way in which people access information has changed and developed hugely. This includes how, and when, we watch our favourite shows, catch-up on the latest news or sports games or even access our favourite games or music.


Streaming services and catch-up TV means we no longer have to be present to watch a programme – we can simply download content to watch at a later time or date, on any device, wherever we go.

With the advancement of smartphones and tablets, app-based communication opens up content to anyone, at any time, from booking flights or indeed a hotel room, to checking our emails and the weather.


App-based TV solutions like Netflix and Amazon Prime have changed the game further, giving people access to exclusive content wherever and whenever, alongside box sets of their favourite shows. This revolutionised how people all over the world watch TV.


Thanks to Apple TV & SmartTV’s, most people now have access to app-based TV in their living rooms or throughout their homes, as well as access to all their other favourite apps, mirrored straight from their devices to their TV.


It’s important therefore for hotels to catch-up and stay ahead of the curve where they can. We believe, no matter where they are, the user experience should reflect guest expectations so people should have access to their favourite apps wherever they are and whenever they want. Live TV is fine for local guests, but can alienate visitors from further afield who miss their own content.  We’ve all been on holiday in a hotel room, struggling to find a programme we understand.


At last in some hotels, technology is leading the way and offering innovative in-room services to provide unique entertainment and WiFi solutions that give all guests access to their favourite content in a private, secure environment.


As the leading providers in this technology, we believe that by creating such a home-away-from-home experience, and giving people access to their own content on the hotel’s viewing screen, it enhances guest satisfaction and thereby loyalty to the brand.


At RoomNetTV we already provide a wireless and private environment for hotel guests to easily stream their personal content to their guest room TV in HD quality. By using the ‘two touch’ Airplay functionality on their iPhone, iPad or Android devices, guests can connect their own content and conveniently view it via the in-room TV, just as they would at home.


But now guests can actually login to the Apple TV with their own iTunes, Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Hulu accounts plus much more to enjoy their favourite music, TV shows or movies on the large screen in the full native resolution of the TV. The solution is managed remotely via MDM, so that guests activity & credentials are removed on check-out. Using Siri, content can be found simply by speaking to the remote control. Find your favourite TV shows, movies by your favourite actors, weather, sports scores and much more… just by voice!


They are also able to mirror their gaming apps, surf the internet and more, directly to their hotel room TV without risk of their content being available to other hotel guests and safe in the knowledge that when they check-out all their login details are removed.


Consumers are becoming increasingly dependent on apps. As a consumer focused industry, it’s important that hotels keep up with the latest trends to offer guests the best possible experience – a truly home-away-from-home.