Improving the guest experience in your hotel

We’ve stated before – and make no apologies for doing so again – that our main offering as a business centres on improving the guest experience. And why is that? Well, the guest experience is at the heart of any hotel’s offering.

The modern hotel room

At RoomNetTV our focus is on in-room guest entertainment. We aim to introduce a home-away-from-home experience, with guests able to access personal content, enjoying all their usual TV shows and favourite movies.


The pace of technological change at the entertainment level is ferocious. We’re constantly innovating our offering to provide cutting edge solutions. Yet it’s not just the entertainment side of things; the hotel room in general is evolving apace.

Investing in Smart Hospitality

Darren King, CEO of RoomNetTV participated in a panel discussion at the TECSEC Summit at the Hotel Show Dubai this week. The panel of local and international hospitality experts discussed the irrefutable reasons as to why hotels should invest in smart hospitality solutions to enhance guest experiences, by offering an innovative and unique home-away-from-home hotel experience....

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