How technology can improve efficiency

When we think of technology, we often tend to think of efficiency.


The bulk of it is designed to make our lives easier, with each evolution – theoretically – a step further along the road to an easier life.

Why customer experience is the only thing that matters

The Google definition of hospitality is “the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests”. So, it’s no surprise then that in the hospitality industry, the customer experience is the focal point. Guests are pretty much at the absolute heart of everything within it – or they certainly should be, if they’re not already.

How the latest technology can help your hotel


Technology is progressing inexorably across every aspect of our lives – and the hotel world is no different.


But while many hotels are happy to be swept up in the tide of technological advances washing over society, there are still plenty out there that are reluctant to embrace its potential.

StayBridge Suites Vauxhall wins twice at The European Hospitality Awards

United Kingdom, November 2016: RoomNetTV, the Apple experts in hospitality and leading provider of hotel entertainment and WiFi solutions, is very proud to announce that StayBridge Suites in Vauxhall, London won “European Hotelier of the Year” and “Best use of Technology” awards in the prestigious 2016 European Hospitality Awards....

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