AppleTV: Offering an alternative to cable and satellite

At RoomNetTV we’re firm proponents of AppleTV and we’ve built our guestroom offering for hotels around the capabilities it provides.


One of the most attractive aspects of the AppleTV platform is the level of personalisation it affords. Being app-based, it enables us to develop software and services that specifically benefit hoteliers and their guests, all of which can be tailored for individual needs and expectations.


The key component that facilitates our AppleTV solutions though is internet connection. Without a reliable connection, its capabilities are effectively inaccessible. However, in modern society, access to decent internet is practically a given and even the most remote areas of the world are able to stay connected.


Advances in mobile internet technology, which has seen a decrease in price and an increase in performance, means people are enjoying much improved connectivity.


With ever faster internet ever more accessible, this is having a knock-on effect on other services and their providers. One such consequence, according to a recent report, is that cable and satellite firms are seeing heavy losses amongst their subscribers as users opt to switch to internet based television instead.


With internet speeds that are more than capable of streaming high definition television and non-linear content while simultaneously meeting all the other internet needs of the modern consumer, it’s no real surprise that satellite and cable, with their associated infrastructural needs, are on the wane.


More and more of us are preferring to watch what we want, when we want – something facilitated by internet-based television.


This decline in satellite and cable is set to become more pronounced as 5G home internet begins rolling out across the US. In the past, internet access involved the laying of cables and connection to the phone line – so removing the need for this through 5G is an advance only likely to hasten the demise of over the air or cable services.


AppleTV however is a platform that, as well as allowing for a whole host of personal preferences and entertainment services on demand, is also ready for this and embracing this change. This means utilising its capabilities as part of our solutions sets us in great stead to embrace not only the onset of 5G, but also the change in consumer mentality – with our hotel clients subsequently benefitting in turn.